CONNECTED ENERGY: Realize, isolate, protect. Astound, surprise.

Passion, commitment, experience and enthusiasm have transformed an innovative industrial project into Etelec.
Certified and environmentally friendly products and processes, a wide range of technical solutions for all low and medium voltage wiring requirements.
In a very competitive market Etelec S.p.A is upstream of the distribution chain because they design, manufacture and certify innovative products in the field of electrical insulation. Etelec is the leader in Italy in Gel and Resin Solutions, also distributing internationally.

MT junction

A medium voltage (MV) cable connection allows the connection of cables with an operating voltage up to 36 kV, unipolar with extruded insulation.

Tmtt: Extremite For Medium Heat-Shrinkable Voltage

A Medium Voltage (MV) cable termination with an operating voltage up to 36 kV unipolar or three-pole enables connection to switches, disconnectors or transformers, for both indoor and outdoor applications..

Tmta: Extremite For Medium Cold Voltage

A self-closing medium-voltage (MV) cable terminates switches, disconnectors, or transformers for both indoor and outdoor applications.