For us, finding solutions is synonymous with: Providing the optimal solution for every issue.

– Guidance oriented solution and implementation.
– Range of products for many areas of use.
– Engineered Solutions “for industrial image processing.


For us, intelligence is synonymous with: Solving problems in an innovative, intelligent, unconventional and therefore more efficient way.

– Value added at the product and use level.
– Effective in functionality and application.
– Openness and flexibility for optimal solutions.


For us, practicality is synonymous with: Being available, acting in a simple way and communicating as equals.

– Solution-oriented advice and technical competence.
– Act in partnership in a simple and dynamic way.
– Focus on the essentials Forget the superfluous.


di-soric safety relais of series SR are the ideal supplement for safety light curtain/-grids of series SLB.

Intangible Barrier

di-soric safety light curtains/-light grids of series SL offer the optimal solution for all applications in the field of machine safety.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The di-soric ultrasonic sensors are used in automation tasks measuring distance or in proximity detection.

Proximity Sensor

Di-soric proximity switches are available in many formats and for most applications.

Optical Forks

The di-soric angular optical forks work on the principle of a dam beam.

Optical Fiber

Glass-fiber optics are used in confined areas or where the environment does not allow...


Di-soric fiber optic amplifiers are used in confined areas and where the environment does not allow.

Dam Detector

Di-soric photoelectric barriers have been developed for most different applications.

SLR Detector

The di-soric reflex detectors have been developed for many different fields of application. These detectors are characterized by a compact and robust housing.

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